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Every customer a fan


Every customer a fan

We focus on the customer

At Dynalogic, we have an important goal: to turn every customer into a fan. This obviously applies to you as our client, but we are also talking about your own customers.

The customer is central to every aspect of our Dynalogic operation. We live and breathe customer focus. We are constantly investing in the quality of our services, in initiatives to improve customer satisfaction and, of course, in ensuring that our products, services and solutions respond seamlessly to our customers’ expectations.

Customer satisfaction

It is our ambition to provide continuous added value for our customers. Our services enable our customers to go the extra mile with their own service. We continuously evaluate our customers’ experience. This allows us to better understand customer loyalty mechanisms and determine effective improvements. We use surveys to measure the customer satisfaction of both our clients and our end customers. We measure their experience involving our services, our communication and our people. One of the main components of our measurements is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS gauges the extent to which the end customer would recommend a company, product or service to others. The NPS measures customer loyalty and only looks at truly satisfied customers.

Net Promoter Score

Measuring, analysing and feeding back the results is an ongoing process. We do this at an overall level, but also per customer, service, depot, delivery person and period. We are committed to transparency, so we provide our customers with comprehensive reports. This also enables us to make adjustments and develop our services.

We achieve an NPS of +40 to +50 with many customers and an average report mark of 8.9.

Dynalogic never stops innovating

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