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The latest television delivered, professionally assembled and ready to use

Dynalogic delivers the latest TVs by appointment and to any desired location. With a standard doorstep service, the television is placed behind the front door, up to the fourth floor.

What if you want to offer your customers more convenience and make their lives much easier? Dynalogic offers the option of a full-service delivery for TVs. This means delivery, unpacking and installation anywhere in the home, from the living room to the attic.

The ultimate customer experience, however, is achieved if the newly purchased TV is left with your customer completely ready to use. Our specially trained delivery staff place the television on the stand or mount it on the wall and also connect it to the desired peripheral equipment. Of course, a brief demonstration of the new product is also part of Dynalogic’s service.

What we do for your customer:

  • Delivery at any chosen time
  • Placement at the desired location in the home
  • Unpacking of the new appliance
  • Mounting on the stand or wall
  • Connection to the desired peripheral equipment and to Wi-Fi
  • Demonstration of the product ordered
  • Sustainable processing of old appliances
  • Taking away of packaging materials

Dynalogic never stops innovating

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