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Home & living


Home & living

From (doorstep) delivery to maximum convenience thanks to assembly and disposal of old products

Dynalogic delivers home & living products, such as furniture, cupboards, mattresses and beds, to anywhere in the home at any chosen time. With a standard doorstep delivery, the products are placed behind the front door, up to the fourth floor. With a full-service delivery, Dynalogic delivers to any place in the home, and the product is carefully unpacked and expertly assembled.

Convenience for the customer

With our high-quality assembly of sofas, beds and cupboards, we really will make life easier for your customers. They can immediately enjoy the purchased product. Our trained delivery staff have the right tools and know exactly how to assemble the purchased products. They have also received special training for mattresses and beds too.

Responsible recycling

A unique feature of our service is the option of handing old products over to the delivery person. Packaging materials are, of course, taken back.

What we do for your customer:

  • Delivery at any chosen time
  • Placement at the desired location in the home
  • Careful unpacking of the new product
  • Assembly of the product
  • Possible demonstration of the product ordered
  • Taking away of old products
  • Taking away of packaging materials

Dynalogic never stops innovating

Keen to know what Dynalogic can do for you? Contact us.