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Our story

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Our story

As a full-service delivery specialist and an adjunct to successful companies, Dynalogic increases the value of the product ordered. Dynalogic provides peace of mind by delivering valuable products at the time and place desired by the customer. We unpack the order, and assemble and install it professionally. We call this ‘more than delivery’: delivery tailored to the wishes of your customer. This makes everyone happy!

Dynalogic aims to deliver the ultimate experience and maximum customer satisfaction. We do what is necessary to make things as easy as possible for the customer, including:

  • Delivery any time 7 days a week (same day, next day, early morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Time of choice
  • Real-time track & trace via MyDynalogic
  • Carefree in-home/doorstep services (repair, fitting, assembly, installation)
  • Distribution network throughout the Benelux region

Dynalogic is more than a delivery service. From the moment an order comes in to us, your customer is on our radar. We keep customers informed so that they know exactly when to expect their orders. We keep customers informed so that they know exactly when to expect their orders. They are 100% dedicated to your customer. You and your customer can rest assured that we feel jointly responsible and see this as our contribution to the service, quality and product experience you have promised.

More than delivery

Our specialists have a lot of experience within the transport of valuable goods. They work with a lot of care and passion when they are on the road. A relieving fact for you and the customer. We feel responsible for delivering the promised service, quality and experience of the product.

With that in mind our delivery drivers give instruction about the products and are compatible to do an identification or age check. We also have trained educated delivery drivers who can install products with great experience. We call this more than delivery: delivery tailored to the wishes of your customer. En daar wordt iederéén blij van!

A promise is a promise

Dynalogic delivers, takes care of, and takes work out of hand by delivering valuable products at the right time and location. Your customers can choose a delivery at any desired time in periods between 1 and 4 hours. Same day delivery also comes with that.

Products of any size

From small electronic devices to a sofa and a bottle of wine, Dynalogic delivers products of all sizes. For bigger products we utilize 2 delivery drivers, so we can be sure of a safe and secure delivery to the customer.

Always up to date

Dynalogic is more than a delivery service. From the moment an order arrives at our site, the customer is central in our vision. We keep the customer up to date by clear, proactive communication, so he is always aware of the delivery time and location. That’s why we have created the My-Dyna-platform. In this online app the customers can make a delivery appointment, check and manage their appointments. On the delivery day the customers can see which delivery driver is coming and receive a track-and-trace code to always see where the driver is at and see at which time he arrives. In addition, they receive notifications by email or text during the complete delivery process.

our sites

Dynalogic focuses on the Benelux region. To guarantee personalised logistics within this region, we have six central sites: Nuth, Woerden, Breda, Vianen, Zwolle and Boom (Belgium).


Dynalogic never stops innovating

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