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Safe & Secure

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Safe & Secure

Delivery of valuable products for ultimate convenience in a safe and secure manner

Institutions such as governments, banks and telecom providers are increasingly expected to present valuable products such as bank cards, passports and contracts at a time that suits the consumer. This means no more visits to the town hall during office hours, but delivery at any chosen time.

Certainty & care

Dynalogic delivers valuable products for various institutions and is certified to do so. After all, this service cannot be provided by just anyone. Certainty of delivery to the right person is crucial. In addition to the certifications obtained, our delivery staff are continuously trained in delivery with identity verification and fraud prevention and tracking. Our special warehouses and vans are equipped according to strict security standards. Certainty and care are paramount in Dynalogic’s safe & secure deliveries.

What we do for you:

  • Delivery at any chosen time
  • A comprehensive digital or physical identity check
  • Continuous training of our delivery staff
  • Storage and delivery according to strict security standards
  • Safety, security, diligence and reliability are key

Dynalogic never stops innovating

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