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Sustainable processing

Duurzame verwerking

Sustainable processing

Sustainable processing of old appliances

When delivering electrical appliances, Dynalogic offers the option of handing a similar old appliance over to the delivery person. This means that consumers are not left with appliances they no longer need and the old appliances are processed by Dynalogic in a sustainable manner.

No packaging materials left behind is also part of our approach to making life easier

A full-service delivery also includes the sustainable processing of packaging materials. There is nothing more annoying than being left with boxes and polystyrene after receiving a product. . For this reason, Dynalogic is happy to take away all the packaging materials and to ensure that they are processed sustainably.

What we do for your customers:

  • Convenience and immediate pleasure of purchase
  • Take away packaging materials
  • Take away a similar old electrical appliance
  • Sustainable processing
  • WeCycle
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Dynalogic never stops innovating

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