• Contract Handling

Contract Handling

Dynalogic can take the burden of contract applications off your shoulders. We lodge a request with the relevant operator or through an e-shop, after which we check to see if the end user is creditworthy. If the end user has the right to a subscription, then Dynalogic will handle the rest of the procedure, including printing the contract. Dynalogic concludes contracts at the recipient's front door according to the 'shop-at-your-front-door' principle. We also combine this with a safe document scan, with which we can shield the passport photo and citizen service number. This reduces the number of transactions “made” and the total time to conclude a contract in less than 10 minutes. That is efficiency!

The transactions that Dynalogic combines are:

  • End user bank account verification by taking € 0.01 from communicated account by cash card;
  • Inspection for correct proof of identity or other documents;
  • Having the end user sign the contract;
  • An innovative, safe, and certified scan of the signed contract with a bank card or recent bank statement and proof of identity;
  • Additional payments on delivery, if required;
  • Final delivery of the order.