• Try Fit & GO!

Try Fit & GO!

One of the biggest challenges of selling on-line is the number of returns, or even better the avoidance of it. For certain product ranges combined with customer types, at Dynalogic we have developed a solution where the customer @ Home can select out of a range of products (due to for instance color and/or size differences) one product, try it and finally to select the right product while the courier is waiting outside. By this you relocate the fitting room to a home address, without the necessity of leaving home!

For you as a client The Try, Fit & GO service can offer various advantages: You can avoid unnecessary returns, maintain control over the packing of the products, the returns will arrive at your warehouse next working day (and can booked in stock once again), fewer damaged goods, and finally in the meantime you will have an optimized on-line buying experience for the customer!