• SWAP & Loan

SWAP & Loan

Dynalogic can arrange exchanges both at business and end user’s home addresses. This service offers a wide range of options including web-sale exchanges, for example. The swap service is largely the same as an exchange, the biggest difference being the use of a swap pool. How does this work in practice? First of all, Dynalogic picks up a product, new or otherwise, from the customer's swap pool. Next, this product is delivered to the end user, where the defective/old product is immediately removed.

Dynalogic also offers customers a loan service. This means that if a product is defective, Dynalogic delivers a loan item to the customer and removes the product for repair. Once the customer's product is operational, it is delivered to the customer and the loan item is taken back. Dynalogic can also arrange a replacement product or can determine after consultation that only the loan item needs collecting.

The swap and loan service can be executed within four hours over the entirety of the Benelux, something unique in the world of courier services.