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DynaGroup wins the Golden FD Gazellen Award three times in a row!

DynaGroup is again the fastest growing company in Limburg, the Netherlands, and is therefore crowned with a Golden Gazellen Award for the third time on Tuesday 24th of November. DynaGroup has received this Award in the category for ‘Big Businesses’ (defined as businesses with a turnover of more than €30 million). The Dutch financial times, Het Financieel Dagblad, organizes the FD Gazelle Awards every year, awarding the fastest growing companies in every province in the Netherlands. It is in total DynaGroup’s tenth FD Gazellen Award, having received the Golden FD Gazelle Award as winner of the category 'Big Businesses' for the past three years.
“This triple, winning the Golden FD Gazellen Award for the third time in a row, is an award for our company and all our employees who work every day, 24/7 with passion for our customers”, says Dick Wammes, Managing Director of DynaGroup, “We also thank all of our customers for trusting us and for outsourcing their critical supply chain activities to Dyna”.

This growth is established by being loyal to our creed of ‘the 4-I’s” as a ‘partner behind the scenes’ for smart supply chain solutions!!
“This award is the result of our vision and hard work over multiple years and shows how the creed of the four I’s (initiating, innovating, investing and implementing) proofs itself over and over again”, says Dick Wammes. “It is in our Dyna-DNA to dare, take initiatives and always keep innovating. In 2014, the DynaGroup is complemented with a fifth business unit, Dynacommerce, specializing in end-to-end omnichannel solutions. This newest unit helps large companies to provide insight in the complex customer journey from A to Z from all different channels (shops, online, telesales, indirectly), improve the conversion and successfully manage the complex order flow. Therefore Dynacommerce offers a complete IT-platform with all related professional services. At Dynalogic, another business unit, we have been investing in innovation and expansion of our logistics network. Leading e-commerce companies like Coolblue, bol.com and Wehkamp chose for Dynalogic to deliver their large goods, the so called 2XL products. As a specialist in personalized logistics we expect an extremely strong growth in the e-commerce service the upcoming years”. John Jansen, second Managing Director adds: “With the implementation of our services our operational excellence becomes clear again, striving for an optimal solution by which our customers can differentiate themselves. At Dynafix we are building on a strong onsite repair network, with which we can fix large consumer products like TV’s, washing machines, refrigerators and coffee machines the same day at the customer’s home. We are always the ‘partner behind the scenes’ for our customers, the manufacturers and the distributors of these products. Our focus is to be groundbreaking all the time, to improve processes and to develop and implement new supply chain concepts, whereby the business concept of our customers is always most important. Their successful growth leads to our growth and is therefore the flywheel to win this Golden Gazellen Award three times in a row”.

About DynaGroup
DynaGroup is the Benelux market leader in integrated services and solutions for the entire supply chain. With the commitment of the business units Dynafix (after-sales services), Dynalogic (personalized logistics) Dynasure (secured admin & support services), Dynalean (effective workflow applications), and Dynacommerce (end-to-end omnichannel solutions), DynaGroup offers a string of innovative supply chain solutions for clients in the Benelux region. Prominent clients include: Vodafone, Belgacom/Proximus, Samsung, Nespresso, Coolblue, T-Mobile, Telenet, Apple, HTC, Achmea, the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, Makro, etcetera. With over 1200 employees over the Benelux countries, DynaGroup works passionately every day to exceed the expectations of clients and end users.