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First border municipality in the Netherlands delivers passports in Germany with Dynalogic

The first delivery of a passport by the city of Venlo to Dutch people living in Germany, is a fact. Together with logistics partner Dynalogic, Venlo will from now on deliver travel documents at home to Dutch people who live in the German Ruhr area and the surroundings of Cologne. “This way we meet the Dutch citizen in Germany”, says Karsten Hakkenbroek from the municipality of Venlo.

Venlo is not only the first city in Limburg that offers this service. Venlo also is the first city in the Netherlands when it comes to the delivery of travel documents in Germany with Dynalogic. With this Venlo anticipates on the other border municipalities in the Netherlands. Dutch people from the above mentioned German areas that apply for a passport in Venlo, only need to come to Venlo once. Just for the application of their travel document.

“We chose for Dynalogic, because this party really thought with us.” says Account manager RNI Hakkenbroek. “We also saw the space for us as a government to influence this ourselves. “Edwin Kersbergen manager of Dynalogic adds to this: “We stepped into this adventure for a certain area in Germany, because as one of the few parties we can also offer our services in Germany. Thereby it was important that we have our company roots of Limburg.”

Communication is the key
The reactions in Germany on the first delivery were positive. “The people where really satisfied”, says Edwin Kersbergen. Key to deliver this service is communication according to Kersbergen. “Certainly with something sensitive as the delivery of a passport. People want to know where they stand. We inform them via e-mail and text messages about the location of the package, when we arrive and who the courier is. “Hakkenbroek is also very enthusiastic about this: “It’s a great service, with which we as a government can really improve our service for the citizen in Germany. Venlo brings the desk at home. Can it get any better?” In first instance the service is only available for the German Ruhr area and the surrounding of Cologne for delivery on every Wednesday. “At the moment we notice that some customers fall by the wayside, we can expand the days and region easily with Dynalogic”.

About Venlo
Venlo is the biggest city in the north of Limburg and in terms of population after Maastricht the second of the Dutch province Limburg. Venlo has over 100.000 inhabitants.

About Dynalogic
Dynalogic is a specialist in 'personalized logistics': the unique combination of flexible delivery times with in home/doorstep services for all vulnerable and precious products, both large and small throughout the Benelux. Dynalogic is part of DynaGroup, triple crowned winner of Deloitte & ING Best Managed Companies, Golden FD Gazellen and Homeshopping Logistics Innovation Award. With over 1500 employees DynaGroup works with great passion to surpass the expectations of the customer every day.