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Cooperation between Dynalogic and bpost for evening deliveries Lidl.

Via bpost, Dynalogic has done a pilot for the delivery of XL-packages for Lidl. It was a pilot for deliveries of garden furniture like lounge sets, packages which are too big and heavy for the bpost network. Because the Dynalogic network is suitable for these kind of deliveries, Dynalogic was able to deliver these packages as a one-shot-action for Lidl. Since April, Dynalogic has delivered more than 3000 XL-packages on behalf of Lidl.

Next to this, Dynalogic has taken over a number of evening deliveries from nine bpost customers. These customers can directly experience the communication and track & trace possibilities of Dynalogic. Because of the time window complexity, these deliveries were carried out by external parties until now. Dynalogic offers the packages twice, after these two attempts, bpost takes over the packages so that they can be picked up at the post office.

Dynalogic has recently been taken over by bpost. This is a good example of the cooperation between bpost and Dynalogic and how Dynalogic can strengthen the bpost network.