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JeansOnline offers a return solution @ home in 15 minutes!

JeansOnline claims to be the first with the new returns solution ' Easy Fit & Return '. Webshoppers will have 15 minutes avaialble after a delivery a to fit a garment. If desired, the courier takes the clothes back again.

To increase the chance of meeting with the courier, the webshopper must specify a delivery period of three hours for the new return service. The buyer receives half an hour to an hour before the courier arrives @ the door a message via SMS. "Then the package will be delivered, the client tries to fit the ordered clothes and fifteen minutes later the courier returns to possibly take back some of these clothes again. "Easy as that! " acccording to the number 61 of the Twinkle100 in a press release .

Easy Fit & Return, available on workding days, is made possible by carrier DYNALOGIC. The service rate is 19.95 euros for orders up to 125 euros and 9.95 euros for orders between 125 and 250 euros (4.95 euros during the introduction in January). For larger orders the courier comes along for free, can be read in the General Conditions.

Same day delivery and lowest price guarantee
JeansOnline, which became the owner of Label54 2 years ago, pioneered earlier with same day delivery for fashion, also with DYNALOGIC. The company recently launched an online lowest price guarantee.