• Telenet


Since mid- 2011, Telenet chooses to deliver all e-Commerce and Telesales orders by his "preferred " partner Dynalogic, using a time window delivery of 4 hours. These orders consist of a contract, invoice, sim card combined with a device and possibly an accessory. The customer can choose online (or via Telesales ) a delivery date and a time window in which the order can be delivered. Thus, the customer can decide in advance where and when the package will be delivered.

After receiving the order, Dynalogic performs warehousing activities linked to the SIM card and the corresponding device. Additionally Dynalogic prints the contract and the invoice for Telenet customers.

The customer will be informed by Dynalogic via email and/or SMS on the status of the order. He can also follow online and real-time where the courier is. Upon delivery the courier verifies the identity of the customer, get the contract signed off and will scan the signed contract via a scan suitcase in order to make the document real -time available for Telenet.

Telenet is very satisfied with the services offered by Dynalogic and highly appreciates that Dynalogic constantly thinks about further improving their services.